People buy into the leader

before they buy into the vision.

John Maxwell

Only when our clever brain and our human heart work together in harmony can we achieve our true potential.

Dr. Jane Goodall

A good head and a good heart are always a formidable combination.

- Nelson Mandela

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Leadership & Executive Coaching


Our one-on-one confidential coaching enables our clients to be better at their jobs by creating the present and future they want for themselves and for their organization.  We guide our clients to achieve better results by looking at themselves more accurately in order to best utilize their unique strengths.  We provide skill training through mindfulness and self-awareness.


Our executive coaching provides leaders with the self awareness and tools they need to define core challenges and obstacles in creating new strategies and skills to achieve their vision of who they want to be as a leader.


Our process is tailored to individual needs, growth areas and objectives.  The first step is gathering information through various assessments. We then work with our clients to build a customized plan for achieving their set goals. Leaders will be able to integrate their achievable goals and new skills into their business and management roles and their daily life.


Every executive coaching plan is customized and unique to the leader we work with.

Through the mindful practice of self-awareness leaders will have increased:




development of insight

communication (intrapersonal and interpersonal)

cultivation and use of empathy

mentality control

problem solving skills

conflict resolution


Our extensive psychological training, skills and methods are employed to help our clients become more effective managers and leaders. These skills are typically applied to specific moment work related issues (rather than general personal problems or psychopathology) in a way that enables our clients to incorporate them into his or her permanent management and leadership repertoire.

Communication Consulting is the art and scientific study of how people control and communicate information




We are interpersonal relationship experts trained and educated in systems theory. HHC is skilled in working with individuals, teams, and organizational systems.


Communication is information processing and we are knowledgeable in the cybernetic tradition which regards communication as the link connecting the separate parts of the system, such as a computer system, a family system or an organizational system.


Major Concepts

 Homeostasis: Systems have a tendency to maintain the status-quo. That is, they abhor change. Systems will do anything they can to keep things static.

 Feedback loops: In order to maintain homeostasis, systems use feedback loops. Each part of the system provides information to the other parts of the system, which then adjust themselves accordingly. How does this manifest in an organization or team? Members of the system will influence each other with their behavior. Assuming the system was healthy to begin with, it becomes dysfunctional when homeostasis cannot be maintained.

 Circular causality: In a system, it doesn’t matter where the problem started. Causality is not linear in that sense. Each part affects the other in a loop, so it doesn’t matter where you begin to examine the problem. You can start anywhere and still cover all of the bases.





Culturally responsive individuals and teams are emotionally intelligent and are self aware of their own cultural worldview and cultural differences.  They have developed cultural competency, which allows them to communicate and effectively interact with people across cultures.  They understand and respect cultural values, norms and traditions in how they affect the way people communicate and interact with one another.


Cultural diversity exists in all aspects of our lives and not only when we cross borders.  Diversity exists even in people with similar backgrounds.


Intercultural diversity can exist in the following:

 Gender roles

 Age and generational differences

 Race and ethnicity

 Sexual orientation

 Family of origin history

 International and intercultural dynamics


HHC will work with leaders and teams to develop their inclusion management skills in order to promote organizational synergy. Inclusion management will also allow leaders to negotiate with people from different cultures and resolve conflict and communication breakdown.



Team Synergy


Our Team Synergy and Training programs are custom-created based on your specific needs leveraging HHC’s breadth of experiences.  We work with each team by looking at the way the group functions together as a whole as well as the individual parts within the whole in order to align with the goals and culture of the organization. We explore and identify the challenges and gaps and empower the team to create a shared vision and build trust with each other to create employee synergy.


Successful teams have clear goals and values which create a shared vision for all its managers and individuals. We at HHC value group awareness and understand the imperative relationships of individual personalities, group dynamics and the collective group as a whole.


Group Dynamic Assessment of the following:

 values for individual and group




 communication processes


We believe great team synergy begins with keen self-awareness. Understanding the unique personalities and contribution of the individuals within the group is critical to assessing team performance and how the team adds value to the organization.


Trust + Employee Connectedness = Synergy


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Leadership Consultation Group (LCG)

Once our leaders have started their process with the professionals at HHC they become members of our peer consultation group. We at HHC are experts at creating a community where leaders can interpersonally relate to and network with other leaders from various professional backgrounds and expertise.


The HHC group facilitators create an environment for trust building, personal responsibility and authenticity. LCG is a trusted social-peer network of mentorship for leaders to learn from their diverse peers. The rewards of this group are continued growth as a leader and refining the skills learned through our program.


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Communication Consulting

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Intercultural Communication Consulting

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